Transferring to UTA?

So you have been accepted to UTA, but what next?  Transferring to a new University is stressful.  You are not sure about what you need to do and you are stressing out because it feels like you have a limited time to register for classes.

I get  it…I’ve been there.  As a transfer student I’ve had those same emotions of stress and confusion.  Hopefully this article will help you with your stress level, and make you feel more at home.22995420435_7c1f5015e8_b

Meningitis Hold: There are three holds on your account that will limit you in registering for classes.  In order to release the meningitis hold, you will have to show that you have had a meningitis vaccination.  In order to give your vaccination record you will have to do this online through your UTA email.  So be sure to set up your UTA email in order to take care of this hold.  Here is some more information on the meningitis requirement.

Orientation Hold:  Another hold you will have is the Orientation hold.  In order to release this hold, you will need to attend a transfer orientation.  Here are the dates for this orientation season and you can register here.   The orientation does cost $65 but you do not have to pay the fee right then.  The fee will be added to your mymav account.

If you are student who works fulltime and is over the age of 25 be sure to check out our Express Transfer orientation.  Here are the dates and qualifications.  This orientation is less than half of the day and is designed for working individuals with a less flexible schedule.

Academic Advisor Hold: The final hold will be an academic advising hold.  A student must be advised every semester in order to confirm  that the student is on the right track to graduate.  So you will have to see an advisor every semester till you graduate.

If you have under 30 hours of credits transferring into UTA, you will be advised in the University Advising Center.  Over the summer the UAC only offers walk in advising.  However, throughout the semester you will always have to make an appointment to see an advisor in the UAC.  You can make an appointment online.  The UAC is in Ransom Hall (depicted below).9525816586_c47b31e5f5_b

If you have over 30 hours of credits transferring to UTA, you will advise with your major department advisor.  To find out who your advisor is just search your department on the UTA homepage’s search bar.  When you find your department website there will be a link that should say undergraduate advisors. This will take  you to their page and  from there you can email or schedule an appointment.  In my experience, most advisors have students make appointments in order to  be advised, however  some advisors have walk in hours.  This  depends on the advisor.  It is also good to call the department to ask any questions.

Those are the three main holds I remember from my transition and in my help with other students.  However, here are some other resources that might help you with that transition to here.

Dan Dipert Welcome Center:  If you would like to see more of campus on a guided tour, contact the Dan Dipert Welcome Center.  They can give you a tour that will show you all around campus.  They also have other tours like housing.  You can reach them by calling 817-272-8687 (TOUR) or going to their website. This is a great option to see the campus if you have some free time.  If not, they do offer tours during orientation.

SNAP jobs: If you are one of those people who are interested in getting an on campus job as soon as possible this is the website for you.  All of the on campus jobs are listed on this website.  You have to set up an account, upload a resume, and apply for the job.  But it is all pretty simple if you follow the instructions provided on the website. For some FAQs on the site you can go here.

University Housing:  There are a variety of places to live around campus, this is the resource for students who would like to live on campus.  You can go to this website, you can chat online, or visit them in their office in the University Hall.

Now those are many of the questions I am asked by transfer students.  You can also look here for a check list by the Admissions.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.  You can also drop by 105 Ransom Hall Tuesday and Thursday from about 1-3pm or reach out to me on Blackboard IM code name marcus.brayner (It is also called user name, but code name is so much better).

As I am writing this I am realizing that this article makes my job almost obsolete.  But if it helps you, it is worth it.


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