Five Ways to Save $$$ at UTA

When I was a student at UTA, I wasn’t about to add a coupon binder to my backpack, which was already overflowing with Norton Anthologies and yellow highlighters.  Here are five of the many ways to save money on and around campus, sans a coupon binder

  1. Get free and cheap stuff
    • Get free/reduced cost tutoring through UTSI.
    • Campus Police will jump your car if it dies; that should give you enough charge to get to O’Reilly’s for a replacement battery.
    • Try a play or concert on campus. There are also free movies on the lawn in the summer through EXCEL.
    • The BSM has free lunch on Wednesdays as well as free dinner on Thursdays for International Night. Many campus organizations meet on Wednesdays at noon and offer free lunch.
    1. Do undergraduate research

Check out Undergraduate Research opportunities at UTA. You could get money as well as course credit for doing research.  Plus, it can help you get into graduate school (with funding) as well as help you decide what you want to do in your career.

    1. Flash your MAV ID

You’ve probably had to use your student MAV ID all over campus…to meet your advisor, get into the MAC, and even pass through the turnstiles to get in the library. You can save money by using it all over town, too.  Ready to pop the question?  Replace your glasses?  Get an oil change?  Take a belly dancing class?  Click to find out where to save up to half off using your MAV ID card.

    1. Know the Parking Regulations

It would have saved me money my first semester at UTA if I knew the parking regulations.  Doh!

    1. Bring your lunch

For two years, I didn’t buy one item in the UC, but now I don’t have the discipline to always avoid Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Moe’s, Panda Express, and of course The Pod.  I save a lot by striving to tote my lunch from home three to four days a week.

Best of luck to all MAVS and those considering UTA!

Natalie Stephens (UTA class of 2002 and 2004) is a guest blogger for the Maverick Transfer Connection and the education specialist in the McNair Scholars Program at UTA. The McNair Scholars Program is designed to prepare qualified undergraduates for graduate study culminating in the Ph.D. 

Interested in learning more about the McNair Scholars Program?  Watch this video to hear current and past UT Arlington McNair Scholars participants Ashley Liggins, Trish Mann, Andrew Palacios, Kimberly Sams, and Neri Sandoval reflect on their experiences within the program, including a discussion about the importance of mentorship, attending conferences, and engaging in undergraduate research.