Transfer Equivalency

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if your Community College courses will transfer and apply towards your bachelor’s degree at UT Arlington.  In an effort to help calm your anxiety, I’d like to share my knowledge of UT Arlington’s transfer equivalencies.

On the Office of Admissions website you can find a Transfer Evaluation System (TES), which is an interactive guide for course equivalencies.  It helps transfer students assess which credits earned at a previous college/university will transfer to UT Arlington, and how they will transfer.  The Transfer Evaluation System only provides direct course equivalencies, meaning non-equivalent will be evaluated by your major department to determine if it will apply toward your bachelor’s degree.

Not all courses have direct equivalents. The is especially true for 3000-4000 level courses.

The Transfer Evaluation System should only be used as an initial tool for providing you with an unofficial transfer evaluation. UT Arlington’s Office of Admissions will do an official transfer credit evaluation after you’ve been admitted to the university. But again your major department will make the official determination of how your transfer credits will apply to your bachelor’s degree plan at UT Arlington.

If you have questions about non-equivalent coursework, then contact the department of the course in question (i.e. ENGLTRAN 2000 = English Department, and so on). This link provides contact information for all departments on campus:

This Academic Advice is brought to you by Lindsey Glasco.  Ms. Glasco is an Academic Advisor II in the University Advising Center.  She holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri and is currently a University College liaison for engineering freshman at UT Arlington.