One 0f the most important aspects of college is networking and making connections with individuals that can not only help you with your career but make friendships that will last for years.  Transfer students (myself included) are at a disadvantage in networking and making connections, because of the little time we will spend at UTA.  But these connections are important and I have a couple of tips to help you network.

Join an organization: This is a common tip for success in college but it is useful.  When you join a student organization or club you will create relationships with the members.  Also, you will create a relationship with the faculty mentor.  With this relationship faculty mentors are more than happy to give you advice about your career and write letters of recommendations.  In my experience faculty mentors are more than willing to write letters of recommendations for me. There are many organizations on campus and I am sure there is one organization that will meet your interest. The website mavorgs (you can search for it on the UTA home page) has a list of all the organizations on campus.

Get an on campus job: Another way I have made connections is through my on campus job(s).  I have two jobs on campus and have worked for the university for more than a year now.  Today, I am comfortable enough with them that I know I can ask and (have asked) for letters of recommendation.  In order to find and apply for jobs on campus you will have to log in to snapjobs.

Forge a relationship with Professors: This maybe the most important way to network in college.  Your professors will not only help you with letters of recommendation but they can also help you find you jobs, internships, and can help you improve your resume.  The way I have created relationships is being an active student in class.  I ask questions (sometimes after class), talk about the assignment, and visit them during their office hours for help.  When the professor sees that you will care they will help you in the future.  Also, some students have this fear of talking to professors (I know I sure did) and I am here to tell you it is unwarranted.  Most professors (all professors from my experience) want to help you succeed.  So they will not only help you with your class work but also your future.

These are some of the tips I know that can help you network and create connections on campus.  How do you network? comment below.


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