IDEAS Center

Now as I am sure you are aware, there are plenty of hidden resources around campus.  Well today I am going to tell you about a cool resource called the IDEAS Center.  The IDEAS Center was created to aid us transfer students and to help other students including sophomores, first generation, and veterans.

The IDEAS Center is on the 2nd floor of the Library.  It is a cool area that is designed to help students study.  If on your own or in a group the IDEAS Center offers a dynamic area to study.  The IDEAS Center has these cool white boards that can be rolled around. So if you need to practice an equation or outline a paper for your group to see you can take one of these boards and write.  Also they have these cool little study rooms surrounded by glass walls, where you can write on them just like the movies.Image result for vince vaughn the internship gif

But, make sure you don’t have a permanent marker!

Here is a picture of the IDEAS Center, in it you can see some of the areas to study and the white boards.

Not only does the IDEAS Center offer great areas to study but they offer great resources as well.  One of these resources is FREE TUTORING! Yes…yes, I know, you read this right. They have free tutoring for a bunch of classes (click here for some of the classes you get tutoring in).  Also, they offer mentoring, which can help you with things like study skills and time management.  Free tutoring and free mentoring is provided throughout the day including after 5.  They also have events in the Ideas Center.  For example, they have a tutoring event specifically for Chemistry.

The IDEAS Center is a great resource.  If not for the free tutoring and mentoring, but for the great area to study by yourself or in a group.

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