Finding Balance

Let me first start by saying I am not your balance expert; only you should be your own balance expert. I do however have a few things going for myself that have helped me not only get through “life” but at times thrive in life.  Keep in mind as you read the following tips, “life” is fluid; it constantly changes, introduces new people, new ideas, and new situations. Compare life to water…have you ever been taken under an ocean wave? The weight of the water can spin you crazy, cause you to panic, completely disorient you; kinda scary to say the least. But in other situations, like swimming in a pool or dipping your feet into a running stream, the water can be very calming and fun.  Welcome to LIFE!

“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.” – Edwin Cole

Depending on your mood, what you got going on, who’s around to support you it can easily become unmanageable. So step #1… understand that your balance needs to change during different times in your life. Re-assessment of what you need should be done regularly. That may mean once a semester, once a month, once a week or even every day. Ask yourself, what is in my power to make today positive and proactive? So here are a few things I do to help me find my balance.

  1. Keep an organized calendar

Since I am trying to save the earth, I like to keep my calendar updated in my phone. It’s the easiest way for me to know what’s coming up and plan my days ahead of time. Also, writing things down helps clear my mind. I know that I can essentially forget about things once they have been listed on my calendar and I’ll get a reminder a few days or hours before something is due.

  1. Check in socially

I’ve learned the hard way, no one makes it on their own. We all need help along the way and unless you make an effort to be available to others, you may be lacking in social support.  Send an email, go to lunch, have a 10 min. convo on the phone with your best pal to show them you care. I tend to put this in terms of karma…what you give is what you get!

  1. Put yourself first!

Ask yourself what makes you happy and start implementing it. I need alone time, otherwise my inner mean girl comes out and she’s ugly! L Learning about yourself and not being afraid to change, is what growing up is all about. But figuring stuff out takes time. So be patient and try new stuff, you make like that spinning class after all.

This advice is brought to you by Academic Advisor Anna Hollis.  Mrs. Hollis is an Academic Advisor III in the University Advising Center.  She holds a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Phoenix  and is currently the University College liaison for freshman pursuing business at UT Arlington. 

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