IDEAS Center

Now as I am sure you are aware, there are plenty of hidden resources around campus.  Well today I am going to tell you about a cool resource called the IDEAS Center.  The IDEAS Center was created to aid us transfer students and to help other students including sophomores, first generation, and veterans.

The IDEAS Center is on the 2nd floor of the Library.  It is a cool area that is designed to help students study.  If on your own or in a group the IDEAS Center offers a dynamic area to study.  The IDEAS Center has these cool white boards that can be rolled around. So if you need to practice an equation or outline a paper for your group to see you can take one of these boards and write.  Also they have these cool little study rooms surrounded by glass walls, where you can write on them just like the movies.Image result for vince vaughn the internship gif

But, make sure you don’t have a permanent marker!

Here is a picture of the IDEAS Center, in it you can see some of the areas to study and the white boards.

Not only does the IDEAS Center offer great areas to study but they offer great resources as well.  One of these resources is FREE TUTORING! Yes…yes, I know, you read this right. They have free tutoring for a bunch of classes (click here for some of the classes you get tutoring in).  Also, they offer mentoring, which can help you with things like study skills and time management.  Free tutoring and free mentoring is provided throughout the day including after 5.  They also have events in the Ideas Center.  For example, they have a tutoring event specifically for Chemistry.

The IDEAS Center is a great resource.  If not for the free tutoring and mentoring, but for the great area to study by yourself or in a group.

Character Day 2016


Last week we held an event in partnership with the Leadership Honors Program and the McNair Scholars Program known as Character Day.  Character Day is a global initiative celebrated all around the world with the goal of helping people with character development.

Character Day at UT Arlington was 1 of 90,000 events in 124 countries.

The Maverick Transfer Connection scheduled Character Strength Sessions throughout the day with featured speakers from the McNair Scholars Program, School of Social Work, College of Education, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, and Leadership Honors Program.  These speakers discussed how they have developed their own character strengths and the importance of character in our every day lives.

The schedule went a little something like this…

9:30AM: Bravery and Curiosity with Natalie Stephens, McNair Scholars Program

Natalie Stephens on Character Day
Natalie Stephens from the McNair Scholars Program discussed the character strengths of Bravery and Curiosity. Students and staff enjoyed an online quiz on

10:30AM: Hope and Perspective with Dr. Diane Mitschke, School of Social Work.

Dr. Diane Mitschke, a Professor in the School of Social Work, discusses the character strengths of Hope and Perspective. Dr. Mitschke included her experiences working with refugees.
Dr. Diane Mitschke, a Professor in the School of Social Work, discusses the character strengths of Hope and Perspective. Dr. Mitschke included her experiences working with refugees.

11:30AM: Love of Learning with Dr. Peggy Semingson, College of Education

Dr. Peggy Semingson, a Professor in the College of Education, discussed the character strength of the Love of Learning. She provided some great quotes about learning and life.
Dr. Peggy Semingson, a Professor in the College of Education, discussed the character strength of the Love of Learning. She provided some great quotes about learning and life.

12:30 make that 1:00PM (slight room scheduling glitch): Film Screenings

The day also featured the screening of a couple of short films: The Science of Character and The Adaptable Mind.  These films focus on how character strengths can be developed and how character is important to moving forward in our technological age.

Take a few minutes to watch The Science of Character if you missed the screening.

Both films along with others are available for viewing online at

Discussion materials from film screening of The Science of Character.
Discussion materials from the film screening of The Science of Character, a short film by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tiffany Shlain.

3:30PM: Gratitude and Fairness with Dr. Becky Garner, College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Dr. Becky Garner on Character Day
Dr. Becky Garner discusses the character strengths of gratitude and fairness. Dr. Garner also included some great tips for working on “bounce back ability” and resilience.

4:30PM: Leadership with Tanya Garcia, Leadership Honors Program

The Leadership Honors Program concluded Character Day with the last Character Strength Session. The speaker, Tanya Garcia, is a student and discussed how her experiences have led her to develop the important character strength of Leadership.  She also discussed how students can get involved in the Leadership Honors Program.

Tanya Garcia, a Theatre Arts Major and active participant within the Leadership Honors Program, discusses the Leadership Honors Program and how she fell in love with leadership.
Tanya Garcia, a Theatre Arts Major and active participant within the Leadership Honors Program, discusses the Leadership Honors Program and how she fell in love with leadership.

Overall, the day was awesome!  The sessions were well attended and people enjoyed themselves.  I’m already looking forward to next year!

If you’re interested in learning more about your personal character strengths visit the VIA Institute of Character website and take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths for FREE!


Transfer Appreciation Day

Transferring to a new institution is tough! Believe me, I have done it twice!  As a transfer student it is hard to go to a new institution because you want to feel welcomed to the University, but every thing that welcomes new students has freshman in the title. However, here at UTA we welcome our transfer students with open arms and special transfer events. One of these events include this week’s Transfer Appreciation Day!

Transfer Appreciation Day is an all day event on Wednesday, September 7, to welcome transfer students, teach them some of the outstanding resources on campus, and for transfers to meet their fellow mavs!!

The day will start off with breakfast, of course. In the Academic Plaza, second floor of the library, Transfers will be able to come together and mingle while seeing some of the great resources available in the Plaza.

Then at noon we will return to the Academic Plaza for Transfer Talks.  This is an opportunity for transfer students to discuss some of the issues they are facing in their time at UTA and be exposed to resources that can help solve those issues.

At 2 in room 315a in the library there will be workshop for transfer students working on their resumes and obtaining a internship.

Also at 2 in B-20 or basement of the library there will be info sessions on study abroad programs on campus.  The session will discuss some of the upcoming opportunities for study abroad.  This session and the resume session will be split by the half hour. So at 2 you can go to the study abroad session and at 2:30 you can go to the resume and internship session.

At 4 Transfers can go to the recsplosion event in the MAC (Maverick Activities Center).  This event will give students the opportunity to sample some of the resources offered by campus recreation.  There will also be opportunities to win prizes and meet some of the leaders of UTA sports clubs.

After recsplosion stick around the MAC to go to the Transfer Mixer with Tau Sigma! This is an event just for transfer students to talk, get to know each other, and learn about Tau Sigma the Transfer Honor society.

After a great day with so many activities!!Image result for so many activities gifHow can we finish this great day!?! With one of the most popular movies of the year!!

Captain America: Civil War will play at the Lone Star Auditorium in the MAC.  If you have not seen Civil War, what is wrong with you!?!?! and YOU NEED TO SEE IT!!! It is a really good movie that I can not personally wait to see again.

Well that is everything planned for Transfer Appreciation Day. And I agree with Spidey, it is pretty awesome! Image result for captain america civil war spiderman gif

Click here for a list of the events with the times and locations

Activities Fair

The beginning of the semester is here. And that means the Activities Fair is upon us!!  It is tomorrow, Wednesday (August 31). From 10 am to 2pm.

The Activities Fair is an event held every semester that has representatives from many student organizations telling students what their organization does.  Imagine the activities fair during orientation…just bigger.

The Activities fair will be outside the University Center and there will be live music, some organizations might give out food, and you will see really great organizations.

The Activities Fair is a great opportunity to meet new people and get information about different organizations.  You probably have heard it hundreds of times by now, but we say it so often because it is true: Get involved on campus!!! And a great way to get involved is by joining student organizations.

The organizations around campus cover multiple interest.  There are sororities, fraternities, major specific clubs, honors organizations, clubs for special interest (there is a club for Anime), and sports clubs.  So if you think that there are no clubs for you…I think you are wrong.  But if you do not see an organization you like at the fair make sure you go to mavorgs.  Mavorgs is basically a website that lists all of the organizations on campus, including some that are not at the fair.  The site will have the contact information of the officers of the club, so you can email them and ask how to join.  You can also start your own organization.

We will also be at the activities fair. So be sure to stop by and say hi! (yes, I am a poet).

Pro-tip: at lunch hour it will be incredibly busy!! So be sure to keep that in mind when going to the fair or going to lunch.


Welcome to UTA with Success U & other events

Well classes are about to start, but before that mess be sure to be properly welcomed to the university by attending MavsMeet Convocation and After Party on Tuesday, August 24 and Success U on Wednesday, August 24.

MavsMeet New Student Convocation and After Party

On August 23,  MavsMeet Convocation and After Party will happen in the College Park Center.  The Convocation will have people throughout the University to be officially welcomed to the University.  There will be great speakers, music, and dancing. But after Convocation there will be an after party on the The Green at College Park.  There will be live music, (some more) free food, and games.  You don’t have to sign up for it but it is a fun event and I hope to see you there!

For more information about MavsMeet go here.

Success U

Success U is an awesome event that is designed to welcome all new students.  And as Transfer students Success U has some sessions designed specifically for you!  In these sessions you will talk with different professors (from your major or around the University), you will meet other transfer students from your major, and a couple other sessions designed to help you have “success” at the University (see what I did there). For more information check out the Success U page! Check in will start at 8am and the event starts at 9.

Did I mention that you will get a free T-Shirt and Lunch just for attending!! There is also going to be a bunch of give aways during each session (I have heard about some of the give aways and they are nice!).

You can register for Success U here or you can register the day of.